Hi, I am Rani

Born in Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, I am now settled in Ontario, Canada. After completing high school in Mauritius, I studied at the University of Delhi in India, and earned my B.A. and M.A. degrees in English.

I taught English as a second language in Botswana, Southern Africa for six years. There I met Rob, a teacher from Canada and we got married. 

An unexpected health issue which I consider to be a "wake-up" call and a "gift" led me on a journey of self-exploration. In the course of my search for health and healing, I discovered my passion: Aromatherapy! 
That inspired me to start my present practice, Rani's Aromatherapy.

I now have my practice in Perth where I offer Aroma-massage, Aroma-Facial, Reflexology, Reiki and NES sessions. I believe that Reiki is always present, as it is the Universal Life Force Energy, and so any session I offer naturally includes it.

I have my own line of Si Naturel! Skincare and Cosmetics which include products such as lip balms, lipgloss, lipsticks, moisturizers, lotions, shampoos, soaps, and more. These are made with organic, pure, and natural ingredients. I use my own aromatherapy blends and products when giving treatments and facials. My gift is in making custom blends or products in order to meet the individual needs of my clients. 

The author of Skin-Friendly Skin Care, I offer workshops on how to make your own skin care products. 

I believe that life is a movement towards wholeness. That necessarily entails taking care of oneself as a "whole": body, mind, emotions and spirit. I see my journey as a movement "from the heart to The Heart..."
I bring into my practice my trust in that process and my knowing that the Healer is within each of us. My aim is to be 'present' for my clients and to remind them of their own Healer within.