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N.B. These therapies are not meant to replace  medical care . They are “complementary” therapies that can be explored to smooth away day-to-day stress, help to prevent ‘dis-ease”, and create overall well- being. They are not “ cures” but
tools that  promote self-healing.

Aroma-massage        1½ hrs         $100.00

In an Aromatherapy session, the sense of touch and the sense of smell are combined to bring you a nurturing and healing experience. Ready to de-stress and relax? Want to reduce aches and pains, or eliminate toxins from the body? Or even allow yourself some self-pampering? Then this gentle and luxurious massage is for you.
For each session, Rani creates a personalized blend of essential oils to suit your needs in the moment. The essential oils work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and assist with creating balance and wellbeing.

Aroma-Facial                1½ hrs         $100.00

Rani uses her own hand-crafted skin-friendly products, made of pure and organic carrier oils and essential oils. This session is a real treat for your skin and includes facial cleansing, toning and massage as well as a head and calves massage. A relaxing session for men and women alike!

Qi Drop Therapy        1½ hrs          $125.00

Imagine neat essential oils falling right from the bottle onto your spine. Essential oils are the chi or qi of plants and these qi drops are gently applied on the spine and along the shin bones. A good treatment to have for detoxifying, preventing or getting rid of a cold or the flu. A super scentual experience!

Reflexology                    1½ hrs           $90.00

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex points in the hands and feet which correspond to all glands, organs, and other parts of the body. The therapist uses her thumb and fingers to stimulate these reflexes. Reflexology  helps to reduce stress, promote circulation, eliminate toxins, and restore overall balance. It is a simple and safe method with no side effects.

Reiki                             1hr                  $90.00

The Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that enhances the flow of “ki” or energy. Stagnant energy is the cause of "dis-ease", and Reiki helps to set energy in motion, and awakens the inner healer within. It stimulates our body’s innate ability to heal itself. It promotes stress relief and relaxation. It may also provide an opportunity to clear emotional blocks.

Aroma-Blending        1hr                  $90.00

Rani helps you to choose essential oils and make your own special blend for over-all balance and well-being. Use your created blend for a massage or in lieu of “perfume”.

Session+ 100ml bottle of your aroma-blend

Restore Energy and Wellness with NES        1½ hrs   $125.00

The body is made up of trillions of cells that perform thousands of biological functions. Just like every living thing on the planet, these cells give and receive energy. That energy forms fields in the body which Peter Fraser called the “human body- field.” This body field transmits information to the cells’ energy field about what biochemical functions to perform and in what respective order to do so. When there are energy distortions and blockages in the body field, information loses clarity and gets ‘scrambled’. As a result the body becomes impaired and its innate ability to repair itself and heal is diminished.
With the NES miHealth, a non-invasive device, the body field is scanned and it enables us to detect energy blockages and information distortions that is causing discomfort. These energy blockages are cleared with the miHealth and correct information is restored with infoceuticals.
What are Infoceuticals? They are ‘pure information in liquid form’. They are encoded with precise information that helps restore the body field to its peak efficiency. In turn that influences our body to repair itself, heal and return to a healthy state.

Session includes a scan and a miHealth session. Infoceuticals are sold separately.

Kansa Wand Massage                    A dollar a minute

Experience a foot, face or whole body massage with Kansa
wands. The wands are made mostly of bronze and in India, bronze is considered to be a healing metal. It is a relaxing treatment and also a detoxifying one. It helps to pull out and draw heat, acidity, inflammation and toxins from the body.