Si Naturel! Hand & Body Lotions

Balancing -Camellia Lotion
Purified water, Neroli hydrosol, Organic Jojoba and While  Camellia Oils, Pure Japanese Camellia oil, Carrot
oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry extract,emulsifying wax, rosemary and grapefruit seed extracts and pure/organic
essential oils .

Green Tea Lotion
Ingredients: Purified water, Rose hydrosol, Japanese Camelia oil, Japanese green tea , emulsifying wax , rosemary and grapefruit seed extracts, vitamin E.  Available with (1) Essential oils (2) No Essential oils

Camellia-Kukui Lotion
Ingredients : Purified water, Neroli floral water, Japanese Camellia, Kukui and Carrot oils, Shea butter, Japanese green tea, emulsifying  wax, grapefruit seed and rosemary extracts,and vitamin  E and pure/organic essential oils.

Essential oils may vary.  Lotion can be custom made with essential oils of your choice.
Si Naturel! Shampoos
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free

All shampoos are made with purified water, betaine, cornacopa, hydrosols, xanthan gum, wheat protein, citric acid, vegetable glycerine, Vitamins E &  B 5, citricidal, herbal extracts,and pure/organic essential oils.

Si Naturel!  Soaps

Lavender Soaps
Organic Olive Oil, organic Coconut Oil, organic Palm Oil, Palm kernel oil- saponified  with  sodium hydroxide,
alkanet root, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, and pure essential oil of  Lavender.

Pur Olive Soaps. Does not lather much but a great soap for babies, children  and sensitive individuals.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil- saponified  with  sodium hydroxide
Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, and Organic Japanese Green Tea
Si Naturel!  Bath Salts

All Bath salts are a combination of two or more of these salts: Sea Salt, Dead sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom salt , and pure/organic essential oils. Sometimes, herb and flowers are added.

Si Naturel! Lavender Bath Salts

Dead Sea salt, Himalayan Salt, and essential oil of Lavender.