NES Health Total Wellness System

Re-Assessing with NES ProVision and miHealth 

ProVision is an Advanced Analysis Software. With the miHealth connected to this software, it takes only a few seconds to get a detailed view of distortions and blockages in the ‘bio-energetic anatomy’

What is miHealth? A non-invasive device used for
Scanning the human body field for an energetic assessment
Finding energy blockages and information distortions that prevent the proper flow of energy and lead to compromised health 
Clearing of these energy blockages and information distortions 
Restoring proper energy flow and thus the innate ability of the body to heal itself

Rejuvenating with NES miHealth
  miHealth is used for
Rejuvenating the body’s energy with therapies that clear blockages, release trigger points, and correct energy flow 
Releasing patterns that has impeded the flow and created sluggish or stuck energy
Creating clear passage for new information and healing messages that can be delivered by NES Infoceuticals

Re-Imprinting with NES Infoceuticals
What are Infoceuticals? ‘Pure information in liquid form’
Purified water that contains a very small quantity of plant-derived micro-minerals that are imprinted with information to correct specific information structures and energy patterns in the body-field.
Easy to take - drops in a glass of water. Can be taken in conjunction with homeopathics, pharmaceuticals, herbs, or supplements

COST: Regular Fee: $125.00  

Febrauary  2017 Special - $25.00 off